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iTiggy : Traditional online dating model Reversed



iTiggy, newcomer to the world of online dating has taken a completely different approach to having members connect. Where most online dating sites allow people to meet online first, then possibly meet offline, iTiggy reverses the roles. The website is instrumental in bringing together people who have already had an encounter offline by bringing them together online for more interaction.

iTiggy capitalizes on the concept of “Craigslist Missed Encounters” by allowing members to search for the person that they had the chance encounter with. With a generic search engine, iTiggy allows users to enter criteria such as the country and the date in which the encounter took place. The criteria can be generic or specific in nature – for example, the kind of shirt the person was wearing.

Once the potential person has been located iTiggy utilizes a feature called photo swap. The way photo swap works is the members swap photos to verify the person that they have connected with online is the exact one they met in person. No personal information is exchanged at all – this includes name, location, e-mail address, etc – unless the members agree to do so.

The company has developed a smartphone site as well, which uses gps functionalities to allow members to check in – ala Facebook style – to see if the person they have met has reported a similar encounter. This allows for a quicker connection if both people have taken notice of one another.

With an already over-saturated online dating market, it is becoming clear that newcomers have to establish a unique method of connecting members. iTiggy only recently joined the online dating market in the summer of 2011, yet it has experienced rapid growth. It appears that with its revolutionary reversal of the traditional approach method, iTiggy is making a name for itself in the online dating world.

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bobby said,  

All these sites are so numerous but they basically all work the same. I think the features of a site makes the biggest difference. It has to be fun.

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