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It Is Better To Break Up Gracefully


“Relations are like glasses and once a little crack in them, hence all gone.  Then you couldn’t fix then”. No matter what ever your reason is but if you have decided to pull yourself out of a relationship. It is always better to part gracefully. You don’t need to break up dramatically. One thing to keep in mind is that after a couple of dates, when you decide not to continue, this is not a breakup. Instead, when you end a long going relationship, it is known as a breakup. In this article we shall discuss few tips how you can part gracefully while you leave your dumped partner thinking about his mistakes.

Hold any kind of contact for few days. This will turn your partner anxious about your whereabouts and your intentions. Finally after few days of rage, he or she will start realizing it is over. Now when the iron is red, it is about time to hammer it.

Many of us try to avoid face to face contact after making up our mind to break. It is always advised to speak upfront. When you will speak with an eye to eye contact, your ex will understand the reality better. Times have changed now and technology rules our day to day lives. Some amongst us think that notifying your ex through an e mail or text SMS is enough but in reality this is a coward’s way to break a relation. The best way to break a relationship is to give a call or going out a dinner and ending it in a cordial way.

You are advised not to go for tit for tat argument but to stay calm and fact full instead. When your ex will ask you about the reasons, it is better to speak the truths and this will let him or her think about his or her mistakes. Use words like, “it is not working, we need to make a change” etc. instead of showing arrogance and attitude.

It is not a bad idea to maintain a friendly contact after the breakup. Do not stay in warm touch with daily contact. Instead, use some smartness and maintain a safe distance. This will help both of you to recover from the pain of a breakup. Do not start dating immediately and give your some time to think. Try not to repeat same mistakes again and be more cautious in picking next one.

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