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Is Mobile dating just a joke?


Mobile dating is said to be an extension of the Online Dating according to several companies that specialize in the development of this type of social platform.

This feeling is not shared by a large numbers of people. For many, the mobile dating is for sure a joke, a waste of time and does not bring back enough money and it’s just a mere concept. It is mostly people under 25 years old who like Mobile Dating and they have only one goal: to chat with people and nothing more. They only want to find something to do in order to avoid boredom.

The Online Dating for its share interests a lot of people who are between 30 to 40 years and contrary to the Mobile Dating, they want something more concrete i.e. long and serious conversations. This seems unlikely, but many phone companies are confident that the Mobile Dating the next step of the Online dating even though they know very well that it’s two completely different things and they do not target the same market.

There are diverse opinions among the public. Some believe that the Mobile Dating is very useful for those who have no computer and it can be used anywhere and anytime. During a break in a somewhat boring class, during lectures, in the bus and so on. The Mobile World is covering lots of ground and playing catch up. It will definitely compete with the Online Dating in a very close future.

With the advent of smartphones and their capabilities, it will be much more interesting and easy to chat via phone. If the implementation of Mobile Dating is carried forward in a cautious and calculated manner, the latter can be a huge success and develop a completely different way to meet people.

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