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How to Get Online Dating Right


You’re not a loser if you’re on an online dating site, or even if you’re on several online dating sites. You’re just one of several million people looking for love. But there are some definite secrets to success in the online dating world that can help you stand out…for the RIGHT reasons.

Thoughtful, personal messages that don’t come on too strong and aren’t overwhelming are best. Here are some things to avoid:

1. Generic messages like “Hey, what’s up?” This shows nothing of your personality and seems boring.

2. Sharing TOO much. Nobody needs your whole autobiography, and giving it to them can seem very self-absorbed.

3. Being too quirky. You want to seem original, but you also want to connect over common ground.

4. Mass replies. Don’t send out a boilerplate message that makes it obvious that you cut-and-pasted it to hundreds of different prospects.

5. Creepiness. No pictures from below the belt, and no explicit language, please.

6. Coming on too strong. Being overly complimentary can seem desperate. Avoid it.

7. Shyness. Don’t just “wink.” Write a message.

[source : cnn netiquette]

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