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How to get a girl to like you


Many people think that, either the girl likes them or she doesn’t likes them, they could get her to like them. This is not true actually. In this article we shall discuss few tips by which you can easily get a girl to like you.

Have confidence:
You are advised to go easy and do not over think on everything. Many guys try to think a lot and try each and every trick of attraction and seduction. This will further complicate things for you. A girl just needs security when she is with you. If you succeed in giving her a security in mind, most probably she will end up in your arms. Your nervousness could easily be judged by her and this will scare her away. All you need to do is emulate guys who are confident and that will cause new neural networks to form in your brain – yes that means neurons will send out dendrites and form myelin sheaths to solidify your new-found confidence. It is better to practice self confidence skills in safer situations and then implementing them in situations like real dating. Then, you will have lesser chances of failures.

Sense of humor:
It is a well known fact that girls do adore funny guys. Humor can easily bring her close to you and that is what you want. Watch more and more of humor shows, films etc to keep yourself updated with fun things. Be aware of the fact that a word on time is far lethal than a bullet. Do not try to show dumb or stupid type of humor, that wouldn’t help you for sure.

Be Mysterious:
Several men have a problem of sharing everything in first few dates only. It is better to avoid this. No one is interested to hear your biography or your melancholy stories of life, keep them to yourself. Instead, spill some mystery so that the girl gets excited to know you more. If she would know everything about you already, there will be no fun in discovering you more.

Don’t act desperate:
You could completely overrun your chances of getting a girl by showing desperation. Take things easy and do not overage. Girls want what they don’t have, same like all of us. Blend it with a little bit of attitude and do now show yourself as if you are completely free for her. This rule could be hard to follow but has handsome rewards finally.

Show little bit of style:
Implement some style in your clothing, talking and your over all personality. Girls do notice good manners, nice grooming and a sense of panache. Try to be a gentle man but do not present yourself as some doormat. Show some pride and attitude too. Blend it with style and this will bring magical results for you.

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