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How to Date Online and How to Choose a Dating Service


Does it sound scary and totally cybernetic? Calm your jets Romeo. It really isn’t scary and yes, the initial setup does occur online, but hopefully you will be on your way to many enjoyable and maybe romantic live meetings offline.

There should be less anxiety for people meeting online. Your potential online date knows more about you than most others have in the past. That’s a plus for using a dating service. They gather all your information, hobbies, career, do you have animals, children? A picture usually goes along with the information. Doesn’t that make you a little less tense about meeting this new cyber date?

Online dating sites cater to different things. For example, the popularity of Harmony is how they can match men and women on the basic personality. Through testing and getting results, people are matched who have compatibilities that can preclude a winning and healthy relationship.

Let’s review some other sites and their claims to successful matchmaking. Perfect Match was given support on the Dr. Phil Show and it’s popularity as a safe and credible matching service was knighted. Their best feature is precise matching. The way they match is through a couples based letter writing system, used for over 35 years. It’s for people looking to find the right person without playing “games”. They offer free matches.

The up and coming online service is Yahoo Personals. Recently rated number 2 in a survey of 5 dating services. Yahoo Personals offer the most online photos and over 9 million members. They now offer a 7 day free pass so you can see the service to which you are committing before paying the dating service fee.

Another online service growing in popularity is Chemistry. It is for singles looking for long-term serious relationships. This service has a smaller base of people to choose from than it’s competition. It’s still growing and currently offering 3 months for the price of one. A great time to join.

Matchmaker is a dating service that you must have seen sometime while surfing the internet. They have a large US client base and a growing international membership. This service also focuses on “older-aged” dating relationships not available in other matching services. They have been one of the earliest online dating services and still hold a middle of the road stance in popularity.

The last online dating service to mention is growing to more cities. It’s called Great Expectations. It’s popular for the personal attention given to members. Right now Great Expectations is offering free sign up.

As you can see, when it comes to selecting an online dating service there is a lot to choose from. Decide before joining what you are looking for in a dating relationship. Do you want to have a choice from a large pool of people by visually looking and getting some key data, or would you like to give your data and let a highly technical computer program match you up? It has worked many ways through the centuries. However, men and women still find ways to pursue and be pursued.

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