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Online dating sites are filled with many members looking to find suitable partners. Unfortunately, it is also filled with pornography attempts, spam and people making false profiles to start trouble. These potential problems cause many people to leave dating sites and deem them untrustworthy. However, there is now a solution for members of LinkedIn, a social networking site where professionals interact. A new online dating site for corporate connections, is geared toward these professionals. allows the user to sign in by validating themselves with their LinkedIn account. The site verifies that the user not only has an account, but that they are actively using LinkedIn as well. If you are a new user to LinkedIn, you will have to create your profile and add several contacts before you are able to begin using This is designed as a way to keep the dating website scammer free and allow LinkedIn professionals to experience the same trustworthy, safe environment that they are used to on LinkedIn.

Once your user profile is set up on LinkedIn, you can choose your profile settings to determine who can view your profile. You can set restrictions and even choose who can see your profile. Only members who have signed up and enrolled with will show up in your searches, it is not a search of every member on LinkedIn, only those who have expressed interest in finding a partner.

While the site is free to sign up and find potential partners, contacting these prospective matches requires the purchase of credits, which you can obtain with a credit card purchase.

Should you decide that is no longer for you, you can cancel your enrollment. Also, if you ever delete your LinkedIn profile, your account will be automatically closed as well. With absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain, this corporate dating site is proving to be a step outside the box.

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