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Hi 5 on Login, Layout code



Hi5 is one among the most leading social network which has been conceived for lonely users all over the worldwide. Its amount of online active users started experiencing a great boost during 2007 with its great popularity that it gained. The origin of the website’s name relies on the fact that you can give a high five as for rating your friends.

It contains more than 70 millions of members and has been providing exceptional services by connecting so many millions of people together. Their interface has been changing extremely over the last years, putting extreme effort on keeping its features provided on their interface up to date.

Its interface is different from other social networks and offers easy navigability from page to page and also innovative features. You can customize the skin of your profile within a couple of minutes depending on your taste. The fonts, styles and background colors also can be edited. You are sure to find yourself at this famous social network.

Their security settings are well organized and much emphasis is put on it. This plays a great role on the security of the users and for the good upbringing of the site too. Any user can set privacy settings on its profile restricting access and allowing only friends to view their profile.

They have really good applications which will keep their users busy all the time. In addition, searching for friends upon specific particularities is possible. If you have your friends’ contacts, it is far easier to carry out the searches in less time.

If ever you have any technical problem over the interface, they offer a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section that allows you to get the solution to your specific problem. Yet, their Help and Support team is also on standby for any enquiry. It is for free so why not check its worth right now?


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