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Gleeden Extramarital Online Dating on



Gleeden is a rated website providing extramarital online dating services. Its services are provided all around the world and on their Culture section, they affirm that the ideal and most worthy type of fidelity remains infidelity. The services are proposed to both genders, that is, male and female users. Different people have different point of views over infidelity across the world though.

The latest survey that has been carried out by Gleeden will reveal many things how its services are seen through the eyes of its registered members. The list is classified starting with the places highest ranked in infidelity.


Adultery in fact, has no real meaning in these parts of the world. While considering the various political leaders indulging into it despite having been married to someone else, it remains no taboo. Indulging in extramarital liaisons is something common. Incredibly, these two countries will also be quite known for containing outstanding lovers.


In the numerous societies of Africa, extramarital relationships are greatly approved for both sexes. There are even monogamous marriages that have been accounted but the most desirable sexual encounter has been on betrayal.

South America

Even if the Roman Catholic Church is known to be powerful for its teachings against adultery, outrageous campaigns against AIDS shows that many are accustomed to adultery and the government even distributes free condoms adding to the push up of infidelity rate.

England/ Ireland/ Canada/ USA/ Australia/ New Zealand

Adultery is viewed in a dramatically negative way in these countries. It will directly be associated to the Christian teachings about sacred significance of marriage and sexuality. These citizens widely see infidelity as a wrong step and that the rules should not be broken. Despite such beliefs, the statistics shows that one fifth of the population has in reality betrayed their married partner at least once.

Middle East Countries

No matter how the world is evolving, adultery remains a crime in the Middle East Countries. The statistics clearly depicts that even those who have committed the sin will not admit it.

This is an overview of how services are viewed across the world but while the temptation is struck you, you could check out its quality services for free!

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