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Ghost Dating Gains Popularity Among Online Dating Sites


Ghost dating is an emerging trend on dating websites. The concept is similar to ghost writing. If a person feels unable to portray their true personality online, they can hire someone to help establish a good relationship before meeting in person. However, this service comes at a price.

Many matchmakers are charging thousands of dollars for this new service. If you find that the person sitting across from you on your next date seems different from the person you have chatted with or emailed recently, ghost dating could be the reason.

Experts warn that while ghost dating could have benefits for the shy or meek, the service is also prone to being abused. Due to the high cost of the service, many of the clients for ghost daters might just be taking advantage of an opportunity.

This is especially true of serial daters. These people might date hundreds of people from a single site with no intention of finding a serious relationship. The fact that a person is willing to spend a large sum of money to obtain a date could be a sign of future problems as well.

Most matchmakers claim that they will identify themselves before a physical meeting. However, this might not always be the case. This rising trend is another example of why users should exercise caution when establishing online relationships. Who you are talking to might not always be who you get.

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