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Friendfinder Networks closes on $551 million financing


The FriendFinder Networks Inc has for long been a leading online dating social network containing various different websites which has high traffic. It services provided share on social networking, online personals and dating websites. Their interfaces have always been kept up to date with the technology and its features are simply dashing.

With over 30,000 excellent websites, it actually promotes it services internationally through more than 185 countries across the world. It also has some adult websites too. It is however very unfortunate for it states that it has raised $551 million debts.

The company has long been distributing original pictorial and video content and sets accessible to the entire world various products of high quality. Some of its existing websites are the Friendfinder networks,,, and others. It had already reached over 365 000 million of active users.

For bringing their situation to a more stable one, they were actually thinking to come up with an original public provision of 20 million stock of shares priced around the amount of ten to 20 dollars. Yet it has not yet been decided concretely.

It has been announced that it is paying $75 million in interest on their operating profit being $45 million of dollars but the massive debt is still existent. They will no matter what, despite this debt, report $244.4 millions of dollars back in September 2009. Nevertheless, their sales were not so tremendous.

The question still remains if the company will be able to cover up this enormous debt. Only time and the decisions that they will take will tell us this unpredictable truth.

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