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FriendFinder (Marc Bell) bids $ 210 M for Playboy


The bid is done and accordingly, the holder of Penthouse magazine and Friendfinder networks, Marc Bell has promised a sum of $210 million for taking over Hugh Hefner’s Playboy enterprise. It was on Thursday, 14th July 2010 at 12.30 that the bid was announced officially. Of course, it is a dashing occasion for Marc Bell to seize.

Marc Bell, in fact, stated clearly that he does not need any financial support for taking the enterprise over since his Friendfinder networks is already rocking over $330 million annually. Yet, the whole of the profit put forward by the Marc Bell is only for the Friendfinder networks not taking the Penthouse magazine at all.

One surprising step will be that Marc Bell has no intention to have Playboy and Penthouse magazines blended even though he seems to be the future owner of both. He affirms that both of them will stay separated.

The bid is of $25 million more than Hugh Hefner is offering for taking it over. Nevertheless, it seems that the owner of the Friendfinder networks does not want to see Hugh Hefner knocked out. Bell wants to keep him for the editorial of Playboy magazine and hence stay in the enterprise.

The proposal of Marc Bell offer has been said to be given appropriate consideration but it remains to be seen what happens next. The bunny brand has been making success over decades and can still be at its best, this is how Penthouse is trying to obtain a greater share of the market.

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