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Share is an online dating site which offers two types of distinct member subscription. There exists two type of accounts, Silver and Gold. is one of the most busy online dating website with lots of polls, discussions, questions and answers. has been created since long and of course updated to the needs of its members continuously.

The silver membership will allow you to all the features and is of a low rate compared to the Gold membership. Yet the Gold membership will give you additional advantages on searching other singles. It will provide you a larger stream for your search. Your profile, instant messaging, search and more are combined in the easiest way for the member to use.

Yet, without having any membership, you will be able to carry out searches. You will be able to browse almost all the members for free. There are still more to online dating at You have different advantaged such as knowing who was the one who viewed your profile. This is an unusual feature but it is really useful. You will easily know who seems to be interested in you. This will let you know whether your profile is an interesting one.

The chat rooms will not only be for the paid members. You can have a chat in the public chat room for free. This is for the simple reason that there exists a public and a private chat room that allows smooth communications. Videos, blogs, surveys, Cupid feature and more!

Naturally there should be a vast number of members over there and that specific members will amount to more than some two millions. Everyone wants someone to share his lifetime with someone. But there are many who have already found their life partner who will stay on this website. Perhaps you will find it weird but the reason why they keep their membership active is for the fact that there are many things about life that you learn through the topics that are discussed actively.

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