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The news has reached up during the last week and it is buzzing right at the moment, has had its rights bought by Easydate. has sold the rights for using the web domain at a sum of 800, 000 pounds.

It is actually since August past that EasyDate has been using the brand name after having signed up an agreement with Belamo. Thelatter has now contributed in bringing EasyDate to an opportunity to take over the brand,, for $1.25 million.

Of course, there are some expansion plans that adds to it. Also known as the nastiest singles community till now, the monthly revenue amounts to some 250, 000 pounds.

EasyDate yet has in its operating projects,, and altogether It will however not stop here since it has more fun dating sites as well.

The Chief Executive Officer of EasyDate, namely Bill Dobbie, boasts on the good performance of since they have been operating it. is one among the various online dating websites which has known an outstanding growth within months. It will be the ideal place for singles and couples to join, chat, flirt and to search for dates. EasyDate assures further innovations over this online platform.

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