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Flip Me Dating Cards


Flip Me

FlipMe is the new online dating site that offers a new concept to singles for getting out of their loneliness. The whole rated service will rely on a deck of cards; FlipMe cards that get you better opportunities for finding love. There is no more any fear of fake profile pictures or even fraudulent acts.

For obtaining the whole FlipMe deck of thirty cards, you need to sign up for its three months’ membership available through a subscription fee of $24.99. Nevertheless, after three months, you will have to get the membership renewed.

The principle used is clear and simple. There are many times when you see someone, you find him or her attractive. Moreover many singles just cannot get ahead to talk. Just hand over one of these cards to that specific stranger and you are done! There are different information inscribed on them and this will allow the person to contact you back via the website. People who receive the cards are able to sign up for free. This is how it works.

Each card has its own card code that the receiver should enter at the Sign Up page. The person who handed the card is automatically notified and thus you can communicate and follow up with a new relationship. One thing that is for sure is that security and privacy is maintained through such online dating concept. There are no fake profiles, pictures and you are sure to be talking with the one you liked.

Anyone can use these FlipMe cards but if within three months’ time, the cards are finished, you can buy an extra 10 cards for finding your soul mate.

There are many singles that are still doubtful about the FlipMe cards but its effectiveness has been proved by its founders, John and Rachel DeAlto. There should have been many times where you met someone that you felt interested into but never happened to communicate with. The FlipMe cards are here to make the message pass without any word said. There’s no time to be shy or hesitate with this new model of dating cards, so why not try it ?

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