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Find your Facemate : technology + matchmaking


Find your facemate

There is a new dating website and agency called that helps to find a person’s soul mate using new facial recognition technology. This facial recognition software aims to match up its members based on their facial features and appearance.

The website was started by Christina Bloom in March of 2011. The service’s whole premise is based on the scientific theory that people are attracted to other people who look alike and share facial characteristics. Undoubtably, there are several real life examples of prominent celebrity couples that support the look-alike theory. Christina Bloom became interested in the look-alike theory ever since she married a man who looked quite similar to her about 20 years ago.

The website has accumulated 25,000 worldwide members since the three months since its inception. Additionally, the website is completely free to join. Bloom has said she did not make the website to make money. Bloom has noted that it is hard to meet people and find that special connection with people. She truly believes in the science behind the theory, and believes that her dating website will help people find that special someone.

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