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Few Dating Ideas


Dating is a lot of fun in itself. Nowadays, it has gone way ahead of that boring concept of a dinner and film. More you will try to find unique dating concepts and implement them, better chances will be there that you and your date will end the day having great memories. A good date could help you a lot in bringing close to your partner. In this article we shall discuss about few unique dating concepts which could spice up your dating life.

Watch Movies but add some twist in that:
You can try to move your home theatre system in your garage and watch the film along with your date right inside the car. Watching a film on car’s back seat could be a great experience for you both. You can even rent some old fashioned pop corn machine and a candy machine too, if you wish. Now all you have to do is to make a call to your girl and tell her that you have arranged a drive in movie. Pick her from her house and open your garage and drive right in. Keep your remote in car only and start the film. Ask your date if she wants some popcorns or candy, enjoy the film. Most probably she will like your crazy concept.

Picture the moments:
The idea behind this simple dating concept is not a new one but is yet very interesting and fun to share. Arrange a trip, hike or beach experience and do not forget to take a digital camera with you. Spend time to take interesting pictures of the surroundings or your partner too and impress her with your photographic skills. Women love to get clicked and take advantage of this instinct. It is advised that you shouldn’t forget to have some pictures of you both altogether too. You can take help from others in this.

Glow sticks at the beach:
If you live somewhere around the beach, this is a real fun idea to try. All you have to do is to go to some store and get two glow in the dark sticks. Get one Frisbee too which lights up when you throw it. Women love beaches and take advantage of this thing. Arrange a night time date with her on the beach. Start the game and creates a nice display of night lights. The breeze on sea shores can do the magic for you. You can also throw the glow sticks as far as you can into the ocean. The waves will bring them back to you! And the glow they make in the water is also cool to watch.

The key idea is to try something different from usual stuff. More you will put an effort, sooner it will be noticed by your partner and most probably this will impress her. Take some time to put serious creative thought into what your next date will be. Creative and unique dates are likely to always stick out in your partner’s mind forever, even if you eventually part ways. This will prove to her that you are a creative, fun loving, adventurous and thoughtful kind of person and this is the factor which usually impresses anyone.

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