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Ex-Blocker : Firefox and Chrome Plugin to avoid your ex


It is a common thing from part of couples to come upon break ups. It is a really difficult decision but when it consists of love, it is hard to part. Each day seems hard until you succeed to forget him or her. Still social networks, like Face book, MySpace and Orkut could make things more difficult.

There might be different ways to overcome this situation, but how to avoid your ex over the social networks? No matter what you’ll do, it is for sure that you will be damned to get across him or her on one of these social platforms. The idea of harassing him or her for getting blocked will not get the things done. This rarely works.

The best idea will be the Ex-Blocker, the latest Firefox and Chrome plug in, providing the possibility to avoid your ex anywhere on the web. This is an exceptional tool that will surely be of great help to those who have just broken up with their girlfriends or boyfriends.

So, how to use it? You will have to feed the Ex-Blocker with his or her complete name and with any profile information in order to get free of the trouble. This will be the best way to get rid of the past stories and start up a new life.

Nevertheless, you should have a filter set on your email account too in order to cut off contact for sure. This will be the most effective way to stop seeing your ex and having your heart throbbing each day.

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