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eHarmony’s Security Breach


eHarmony, a popular online dating site, confirmed rumors of a security breach on June 6, 2012. The security breach caused a small number of eHarmony’s users’ passwords to be compromised. This security breach quickly followed LinkedIn’s recent security breach.


The dating site uses hashes, which are cryptographic representations of passwords to keep the data secure. However, hackers can quickly crack these passwords by using free decoding software. Hackers used InsidePro, a Russian password-cracking website to expose roughly 1.5 million password hashes. The hackers asked for help cracking each of the 1.5 million password hashes on the Russian website’s forum, but the posts were quickly removed and even deleted from Google’s cache.

It is a good idea for all eHarmony and LinkedIn users to reset the passwords to their accounts to avoid identity theft and other serious issues from the security breach. Users should also keep in mind that it is always a good idea to use long passwords with special characters and a mix of capital and lowercase letters. These passwords are much harder to guess than shorter passwords, and they take longer to crack using typical password-cracking software.

via computerworld

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