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Drink on Us : Meetmoi NOW Event in New York



Meetmoi mobile dating site is going to throw an event in New York the first week of November : Drink on Us.

To participate :

You need either an Android device or an iPhone, and you need to download the meetMoi NOW app. By way of background, the meetMoi NOW application is an absolute “first” for the dating category in the use of persistent location. It uses background processing to persistently share location off the device. The idea is to cause a paradigm shift in dating, where we go from a “pull/browse based model” to a push based model, where the cloud is aware of your preferences and your location.

For this event, Meetmoi is hand-selecting 500 people in New York to participate in a city wide beta.

When people will match, they synchronously send the matching people one another’s profiles. Super-imposed on their pictures are the choices, “Yes,” “No” and “Not Now.”

When two users from this beta pool elect to chat with one another, we’ll dynamically suggest a location of a participating bar that is proximate to them where we’ve also arranged for them to have a free round of drinks on us

Drink on Us Event Website :

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