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Do you need to have money to find love ?


Mankind nature has been in constant progression through all these years. In the past, there was there was arranged marriages where the couples would never have met themselves before. Nowadays, it is online dating that has taken great place in the human society. It will not be a surprise for everyone is evolving with its technology.

However one thing that is rather striking is that online dating websites get generating a great amount of money through their particular service that they offer to those millions of singles. This will in fact depict that there is the element of money in online dating services. In other words, it will be necessary to ask yourself if it is money that will find you love. In deeper sense, it would be money that is buying you love. But in fact it is not really the situation.

The first point that online singles should bear in their mind is that the majority of the online sites do have free membership which reveal part of main features to them. Being able to create a profile, searching other members and accessing to emails is greatly sufficient features allowing to find a date online. It will be upon the person to decide if he or she wants to upgrade his profile and pay for a premium account. The premium account is the one with which you will get the whole existing features but it will be at a cost. If the online dating service does allow you to get the basic features, it will indeed show clearly that these sites do not sell love. They do allow a good service to their members.

Yet another essential point that should be taken in account is the fact that for providing such services to the singles and running a website, there needs to be a fund. Just imagine its bandwidth size just keeping in mind the number of members that most of them have. Yet they will have to pay many employees for maintaining the site. It will obviously cost to provide such online dating services. This will justify the paid subscription.

On a whole, it is not money that buys love but it is essential, if you want to upgrade your account. In addition, it costs for the online dating websites for providing such service

1 comment pour " Do you need to have money to find love ? "

Dennis Miedema said,  

As a dating coach, I’d like to give my 2 cents here.

You DON’T need to have money to go on a date: watching the sun set or the sun rise together, take a stroll down the beach, count the stars together at night…

All examples of things to do on a date that won’t cost you a single dollar, while every single on woman likes it and thinks it’s real romantic.

You DON’T need to have money to find love either: although men are attracted to beauty, youth, and material things like shiny cars, suits and so on? Women aren’t.

Women are attracted to personality and charisma, but here’s the thing:

Women expect men to fall for the same things (so men falling for personality) and men expect women to fall for looks, material things (money, power, etc.) just like they do.

Both sexes project their own wishes, wants, and needs on the other sex. I call this “Attraction Circuitry Projection.”

It’s the sole reason for women being disappointed by men and men disappointed by women in the dating game. It’s why the battle of the sexes exist.

Don’t get me wrong, looks count for women too and personality for men to… but it’s only 10% of attraction to them, while looks matter for 90% to men and perosnality 90% to women.

Anyone telling you otherwise, should read Geoffrey Miller’s brilliant book The Mating Mind.

To More Dating Success,

Dennis Miedema
Win With Women

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