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Dating Online : 10 DUMB THINGS


Here is a summary of the 10 dumbest things you can do when dating online. Be aware !

1. Post a photo of yourself with a baby (or a hot girl)
2. Say something like “Don’t contact me if you’re fat.”
3. List pretentious interests.
4. Message a woman to ask “Do you want to ___ on my ___?”
5. Overdo it with the self-deprecation.
6. Posing with your shir off. (Dudes only)
7. Spout off an eco-rant about composting, recyling and always turning lights off when you leave the room.
8. Endless emails back and forth with no end in sight
9. Propose something super-weird for a date
10. Email your cell number and say “text me if you want to hang out.”


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