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Dating Business Intelligence on February 1, 2009


Here some strategic watch and business intelligence for dating industry on Feb 1 2009:

Online revenue no match for print costs: NEWSPAPERS are facing a future where smaller newsrooms will need to turn out smarter reporting in a variety of media, while the printed product is sold at a higher price to fewer advertisers and a smaller paid circulation. Read the Article from TheAustralian.

-The Biology of Dating: Why Him, Why Her? Ah, the eternal question: why is HE with HER? Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher thinks she has found the answer after studying the academic literature on personality and after poring over 40,000 responses to a questionnaire on an online dating site. Read more from

-Black Dating Site,, and Steve Harvey Morning Show team up to launch Radio Dateā„¢ Segment. Read more from PR Newswire

-Dating sites fight for Valentines: As Valentine’s Day approaches, single consumers are shopping for love on the Web, and online dating sites are looking to attract them, making online dating a growth area for e-commerce. Read more from Dmnews offers Free Access to members in India: Beginning today, new members in India can join the site and automatically have access to Date.Com’s features.”In India, there is a long standing culture of matrimony which is similar in nature to online dating,” Date.Com CEO Meir Strahlberg said in a statement issued by Asianet. Read more from

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