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Date Night Is Now on Wednesday Night

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Wednesday Night

If you have ever tried the online dating scene you know how awkward and frustrating it can be. You either spend all your time creating just the perfect profile only to attract losers or people that have nothing in common with you, or you end up with a long thread of messages with nothing to […]

May 16 2013

Online Scam : $485 million last year in United States

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A report released on May 10 revealed that online scams cost Americans $485 million in 2011. The nature of the scams detailed in the report include identity theft, “romance fraud” and a newly emergent method involving fraudulent auto sales. The data, collected by the Internet Crime Complain Center, indicates a 3.4 percent rise in the […]

May 11 2012

Relationship Troubles: Find Out WotWentWrong

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Wot Went Wrong

Each year, many relationships come to an end. Whether the end was abrupt or long and drawn out, it can leave lingering questions in the minds of those who were left behind. It can be difficult when trying to figure out exactly what went wrong in a relationship so as to avoid these actions the […]

February 5 2012

Unlucky Names in Love

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If you are looking for singles or love on online dating sites, I hope for you your name is not Mandy or Kevin. These names received by far less emails on communications. But if you are a Alexander or Charlotte, you will have a lot more chances to find love… “New research suggests that hopeful […]

January 5 2012

Big Breasts : a winner in Online Dating

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big breast

Statistics never lie : according to a survey by miami-based dating site, girls with big breasts get more attention and are very popular than other women. Busty Women are outperforming girls in bikinis, girls with Beautiful Faces, Athletic Girls, and Black or White Girls. “To some extent this phenomenon is due to plastic surgery. […]

January 2 2012

Online Dating – What Not To Do

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You’ve entered the terrifying world of online dating, and you’re frustrated and confused – what is it you’re doing wrong? What’s keeping the hot singles away? Here are some things to avoid. 1). Being too general/boring 2). Being too detailed – leave something to the imagination and don’t tell everyone your life story within your […]

September 11 2011

Dating Online : 10 DUMB THINGS

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Here is a summary of the 10 dumbest things you can do when dating online. Be aware ! 1. Post a photo of yourself with a baby (or a hot girl) 2. Say something like “Don’t contact me if you’re fat.” 3. List pretentious interests. 4. Message a woman to ask “Do you want to […]

August 30 2011

How to Get Online Dating Right

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You’re not a loser if you’re on an online dating site, or even if you’re on several online dating sites. You’re just one of several million people looking for love. But there are some definite secrets to success in the online dating world that can help you stand out…for the RIGHT reasons. Thoughtful, personal messages […]

August 29 2011

Links 2 love .com

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Links 2 love is an ideal destination for lovers as well as singles for love, romance, love relationships, love poetry and also its quizzes and polls are sure to keep them busy. As said, a glimpse of it will drive you into another world, an online community where flirting and kisses advices are at rendez vous, so […]

January 5 2011

Ex Girlfriend Guru : get your ex back

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ex girlfriend guru

Ex Girlfriend Guru is the ideal place your solution to break ups. If you have broken with your girlfriend and still find that you need to be at her side, they provide you their psychological tricks that will bring you both back together. It is a complete guide for not drowning in regrets after break […]

November 18 2010

Your Tango

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Your Tango

Your Tango is online website providing service devoted to all kinds of relationships and it is a complete concern about love. It takes into account all types of love stages comprising single, taken, engaged, married, starting over to complicated ones. The advices are excellent and it is of no way not to benefit of it. […]

November 8 2010

Meet Your Sweet : attract Men, Women and Ex Back

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meet your sweet has been created by Amy Waterman and promotes dating tips and advices. There are many persons who experience love problems too and it will be the ideal place for having its solutions. Amy Waterman is an online dating and relationship expert or somehow a love doctor. She is most recognized for the online courses […]

October 16 2010

The Art of Seduction

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Seducing techniques grounds itself on physical attraction. Physical appearance and the look do account in dating even if it seems unfair. Style, haircut, clothes or accessories also add to it. The image that a person shows off plays a great role as the saying goes “the first impression is the last”. Friendly Atmosphere The environment […]

October 16 2010

Woman Men Adore

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Women men adore

Singles around the world are enough lucky to have Bob Grant on their side for revealing the secrets to understanding the opposite sex, maintaining good relationships or even obtain the knowledge of how to captivate partners. Bob Grant is in reality a Relationship Doctor which has carried out long years of research in the particular […]

October 14 2010

Alpha Male System : how to become an alpha male

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Alpha Male

Here is the Alpha Male System. Seducing women is often seen as a difficult task for many men. Well, at first look, it might be complicated but do you really believe that it is so hard? The most common thing that is seen is that the whole turning down is done by the women, hence […]

October 14 2010

Save My Marriage Today

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Save my marriage specializes itself in giving tips and advices to couples experiencing critical problems and those who are desperately looking for help. Troubles times always occur in a married couple and if things are taken for granted the situation will get worse. offers a large amount of tools specially designed to help unsettled couples. Amy […]

October 11 2010

The truth behind online dating myths

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As soon as online dating started gaining popularity among singles, there were many online dating tips, advices or still beliefs that followed. There are thousands dating myths that have been raging in singles’ minds. Nevertheless, do you believe in these myths? Do you believe that they are true? One of the most common dating myths […]

August 10 2010 : Attract and Seduce Women

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GuyGetsGirl is in fact more than an online dating website. It is on a whole a Pick up, dating website and a seduction guide. The brain behind is none other than Tiffany Taylor, the American nude model. She puts forwards all what she has learnt from her past experiences and knows how to grasp […]

July 29 2010

Virtual Dating Assistants

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The role of the Virtual Dating Assistants is to provide support in your search for the most compatible match. But, they also exist for safety reasons. There are many online daters who believe that they found the right match online. However, during a face to face date it may happen that this particular person is […]

June 18 2010

Ultimate Online Dating Playbook for Men : a guide for better dating

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More and more singles are getting subscribed on online dating sites having as objective to find their right match. They are in search of love but in reality, they find it too hard for it seems taking ages to find the one. Most of them lack of patience in their quest and in addition it […]

June 15 2010
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