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Date Night Is Now on Wednesday Night


If you have ever tried the online dating scene you know how awkward and frustrating it can be. You either spend all your time creating just the perfect profile only to attract losers or people that have nothing in common with you, or you end up with a long thread of messages with nothing to show for it other than wasted time. Wednesday Night may be what you have been waiting for.

Wednesday Night

Wednesday Night is the latest online dating service created by Teng Siong Ong and Jared Tame, the startup developers of GraffitiGEO (which recently sold to Loopt). This innovative team got the idea for Wednesday Night after hearing about the complications of the online dating scene. Wednesday Night is a breeze to sign up for, simply connect your Facebook account and your profile is created based off of your current Facebook profile, meaning all the time and headaches spent on creating just the right profile are literally nonexistent.

So what is so different about this dating site compared to all the others out there? The Wednesday Night dating concept is beneficial to both men and women. Ladies are natural matchmakers and enjoy giving guys dating advice such as how to dress to impress, how to talk to girls, behavioral responses, and so much more. Guys on the other hand, really struggle with creating online profiles and dealing with sending messages back and forth to establish a date.

Wednesday Night connects users with a dating coach, who will peruse their Facebook profile and search for potential matches on the Wednesday Night site, as well other dating sites. Once a suitable match has been found, the dating coach will send a brief message to the user highlighting certain characteristics of the match and will also include photos. If the user is satisfied with the match, they have the opportunity to set up a date on the following Wednesday night (hence, the name), or Thursday in some cases, at 8:00PM. A small $50 fee covers the cost of the “match up” as well as the first round of drinks at the bar location where the date will take place. With this creative dating concept, not only are the awkward “who pays for what?” dilemmas taken care of, but it also provides an icebreaker for the actual date.

Without wanting to compete with the weekend, the midweek setting became the primary focus for Wednesday Night. If the date doesn’t work out, you can quickly end the date, using work the next day as an excuse. If the date is successful, however, setting a date for the weekend just became an option.

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