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Courteney Cox 1 million dollar contract with Dating Site


Courteney Cox Arquette Is an American actress and has been most known for her role that she played in the sitcom Friends as Monica Geller. She has also been prized the first Golden Globe nomination for starring in Cougar Town in 2009.

She has just split from her husband, David Arquette, that new horizons are showing up. She is simply so lucky. She is being offered one millions of US dollars for promoting online dating. She has in fact been with David through eleven years and as soon as she breaks with him, she has a new offer at her door!

She is being proposed the new face for promoting an older women dating website. The Marketing executives of the specific website being have contacted her because of the fact that she stars in the Cougar Town series. This is the personal “situation” of Courteney Cox and why she is the one!

This is quite an exceptional marketing strategy. The Marketing Executives must have well thought about it before offering such an exorbitant sum to her. The whole news has been announced by TMZ online. mailed the actress a one million US dollar contract and they are assured that there is no better candidate than her. As they state, “the actress personal circumstances” is what gives her the talent for be the right one for this particular promotion.

The contract consists of 12 radio advertisings, four TV publicities and at the minimum, thirty public appearances for the brand name and all the whole should be completed within a year’s time.

It, however, seems to be something hard for Courteney Cox while having her six year old daughter at her side, Coco. Yet, the saying goes right and it says, “The show must go on!”

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