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Cougar Dating



“Oh here she comes watch out boy she’ll chew you up.
Oh here she comes she’s a man eater!”
The lines from Hall & Oates song “Man-eater” can also apply to today’s animal the cougar. No, this wildcat does not prowl the brush looking for prey. This cat is more likely found in your neighborhood bar, club and even shopping mall. Cougar is slang for a older woman who dates men much younger than herself. These ladies are usually divorced or widowed and seeking companionship from a younger guy. They are often well off financially and do not mind sharing the perks of that affluence with their younger dates called cubs.

Cougar dating is on the rise. More of today’s middle-aged women are sexually and socially active in the dating scene and they are vocal about their preferences. These women are often successful in their careers, active socially and professionally, and still maintain awesome physiques. Now a days women look awesome in their 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s so they seek companionship that reflects how they feel about themselves. Cougar dating is also on the rise as more young men actively seek older women for dating. In some cases a cougar has some advantages over a younger lady including finances, experience and maturity both sexually and socially.

Below is a list of the 10 top websites where cougars can meet cubs:

If you are a cougar or seeking one the sites above will give you a great start on how to date a cougar or cub.

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