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Coffee Meets Bagel : quality dating made easy


Coffee Meets Bagel Provides a Faster and Enjoyable Online Dating Experience That People Look Forward To Each Day

CMB is a new dating website geared towards providing users with a date a day. Rather than taking the seemingly traditional approach of giving users a long list of potential matches that most e-dating websites do, Coffee Meets Bagel only sends one match per day.
coffee meets bagel

In other words, it’s a dating website that tries to shift the focus upon the quality of potential matches rather than the quantity. Users are sent one “bagel” each day and they are then given a maximum of 24 hours to decide whether they should go on a date or if they should pass and wait for tomorrow’s new bagel.

Dates only occur on this website if both people choose the date option. Users are provided with a free daily date deal for date activities in order to make the process a bit smoother.

The idea behind Coffee Meets Bagel is to provide users with a faster paced experience versus traditional online dating. Users are allowed to see if they connect with someone in a much shorter period of time with less time invested in survey questions and other matchmaking questionnaires.

There’s even another unique occurrence that has occurred on this site concerning mutual friends that actually improves the odds that two people will date each other.

Out of 44,000 users, it’s been found that users with four mutual friends are 37.2% more likely to go on a date.

It turns out that women let the amount of social connections that they share with a man influence their approval chance at almost triple the rate men let it influence their date approval rating. Women were 29% more likely to approve someone for a date if they had that magic number of mutual friends.

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