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Chatroulette : Capitalizing on Referral Traffic


With any dating site, you always end up with a few people who decide that they want to share too much – explicit details, nude photos and the like. Chatroulette, an online dating site with chatting features takes advantage of the situation – instead of blocking the traffic; they refer it to other sites and in return, make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month.


When Chatroulette launched in 2010, the site was offered several lucrative deals to purchase the site, most of them exceeding the million dollar mark. Owner Andrey Ternovskiy refused to sell, instead choosing to keep the site and make it profitable for him. However, several months after the website launched, traffic plummeted due to the overwhelming presence of nudity and pornography. IT took a while fore Ternovskiy to recover and try to build the site back up by cleaning its image.

Like any site, however, pornography still exists – this time in the form of nearly 50,000 men each month who visit the site and want to strip down. Ternovskiy is ready, though. Instead of blocking the user, the traffic is redirected to other websites – such as – and it is proving to be a smart move. More than $100,000 a month is made by referring the traffic through affiliate marketing.

Not to say that Chatroulette is going to cease to exist, Ternovskiy is still working on building up the website’s reputation again and hopes to see an increase in traffic, despite the persistent visitors who seemingly want nothing more than an audience to strip for. The offers may have dried up from the bigwigs for control of the site, but Ternovskiy is proving with Chatroulette that there is always a way to make the site successful, even if it means redirecting the offensive traffic.

Chatroulette traffic


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