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Catholic Match : Story of Christina Newman


Catholic Match

Christina Newman is one of the million singles who decided to join an online dating website for finding the right match for an honest and everlasting love. She actually chose for trying to search if there is someone on Earth that has been made for her. At that period where she was signing up, the statistics for single Catholics in U.S. had reached 22.6 million. Living as a single is a common lifestyle that is being adopted by the new generation and this might explain this statistic.

Christina, the quarter century girl, specified in her profile that she was looking for someone Catholic, having a fair and nearing age to her. She will through this online dating service meet Ernesto Monne and some surprises were getting prepared for them. Somewhere Cupid was seeding love in their hearts for each other and their first chat was at CatholicMatch. They had many things in common and stayed on CatholicMatch for five years before they found out that they were bound to be together.

Today, they are living together. It was two years ago that they got married at the Holy Ghost Catholic Church in Denver. This is one of those successful couples’ testimonials. For Ernesto Monne and her wife Christina, it has not been so easy to find each other but their love story will remain carved in memories.

There are many millions of people who tag online dating negatively but Christina’s experience has been enough for knocking down these ungrounded reasoning. It might be that there are many singles who want to get temporary dates but it is their wish. More and more people want to live an unmarried life for the financial crisis that they might experience later.

Single life according to them, is better as they don’t have anything worry about. However, Christina and Ernesto chose to be here for each other for all their lifetime, instead.

via Denver Post

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