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Can You Trust on Online Dating ?


Relating to a recent survey that has been carried out throughout over five thousand US online daters, the result that has been figured out will be a concrete “yes” compared to real life dating.

Online dating has been proved similar to real life dating. It will contain the same honesty as well as the same drawbacks.

Yet, if you find that there are some white lies that can be seen at online dating, it will be generated from both parties. In other words, it will not only be from the boys but also from the part of the girls. Online dating open possibilities for lies but no matter what, honesty is what is most searched on these online dating sites. The first moment that you get caught telling a single lie, you can make sure that you are going to get avoided.

Studies from the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships will be depicting that dating has its own way. Dating will have no difference whether it is real or online. The survey will show that the same level of honesty will exist at both. Most of the girls have been found lying about their age and the guys about their interest. This is a normal phenomenon since anyone likes to make other people have interest in them. On the whole, profiles that are uploaded and pictures too are honest.

Many people tend to believe that there are more men on online dating sites than women but the statistics will prove the opposite. The proportion of women among these 5000 online daters will be three quarter. It will over two third of them who will confirm to not being in any romantic relationship.

Online daters, on a whole, are honest and in addition, catching lies from online daters is really easy. It will not take you much to find if someone is lying or not. It will always be determined according to their personalities. For example someone greatly ambitious and relating his complete life to you is someone who will be reducing the chances to lies. They will be honest about their profile and what they say.

For instance, if you see that someone is interested in sex and temporary relationship, then it will open different possibilities for lying. This can be deduced for the simple reason that they will be making their best to create interest for them.

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