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Buump : bracelets with Facebook relationship status



Ever been in public and seen that hot girl or guy, and aren’t sure whether or not they are single? Well that’s going to change, especially for those that have discovered The website is gaining a major foot hold in the way people showcase their relationship status, and millions have already seen the advantage, especially those that have liked it on facebook. The site gives users a chance to help distribute bracelets with relationship status on them.

Each colorful bracelet reads a different relationship type, and the hope is that people that go onto the site and order the bracelets, will pass them out, and the more passed out, the more people can go into the world and know whether or not a person is single, looking to date, or in a relationship. That will ease the burden of trying to break the ice, run down 20 questions and hoping for someone to be out of a relationship and looking for something more.

The site is relatively easy to use, intuitive, and gives end users the message up front. The push towards social media and dating has finally arrived, and the bracelet idea introduced by is definitely one of the best concepts to come across the dating world. While the bracelets do tell what type of relationship you are in and what you’re looking for, it hasn’t yet graduated to foreign languages or even whether you’re interested in men, women, or both. Those things, will most likely be instituted as more and more people find the website.

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