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Singles Moms dating : top cities in US

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single-mom blog provided a list of Top 10 Cities where Singles Moms are the most active. It appears that¬†single parents in the US are dating more (proportion of 21%) than singles without children (prop. 16%). ANd here is the top 10 list to date a single mom in the United States : Yonkers, NY Alpharetta, […]

May 16 2011 bought by Easydate for 1.25 million

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The news has reached up during the last week and it is buzzing right at the moment, has had its rights bought by Easydate. has sold the rights for using the web domain at a sum of 800, 000 pounds. It is actually since August past that EasyDate has been using the brand […]

December 28 2010

Friendfinder Networks closes on $551 million financing

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The FriendFinder Networks Inc has for long been a leading online dating social network containing various different websites which has high traffic. It services provided share on social networking, online personals and dating websites. Their interfaces have always been kept up to date with the technology and its features are simply dashing. With over 30,000 […]

November 1 2010

Online Dating Stats

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Here some statistics about Online Dating :

October 16 2010

Technology can change online dating

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Online dating seems to have reached its peak worldwide with the variety and large number of online dating services that exist. It is even available on mobile phones which make it more accessible than ever. Technology has its part to play too. It is simply astonishing how China online dating services work. Their websites contain […]

September 30 2010

Dating Factory

no comment Written by is an online dating service provider which actually combines, under a unique platform, various dating websites. On the whole, it offers white label dating solution by advertising other websites on its own one. This particular platform of affiliated online dating services was created in 2009. It offers an innovative brand of services organized in […]

September 23 2010

New Online Dating Laws Launched in New York

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There are presently new laws being amended to online dating in New York, which are normally being imposed for increasing security at online dating websites. These laws will definitely protect people from frauds and make internet dating safer than ever. Internet dating is gradually increasing in popularity and, more and more people are using such […]

September 2 2010

Swedish Singles creating a boom in Online Dating

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Sweden has a population of 9, 219, 637 inhabitants and is categorized in the countries having the highest life expectancies as well as the lowest birth rates. This is rather outstanding but Sweden is gaining more stunning aspects. The economy of Sweden is going through an unusual experience which is mainly coming from the Online […]

August 16 2010

Friend Finder Network by the Numbers

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Friend-Finder-Networks or Friend Finder Network by the numbers : 365 millions Total Registrants on theirs Websites 140 000 New Registrants per Day 200 000 Total Dating Affiliates 30 000 Sites in Network Huge Numbers for No1 dating website in US and possibly in the World if we consider their entire Network of dating websites. “The […]

July 30 2010

Ex-Blocker : Firefox and Chrome Plugin to avoid your ex

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It is a common thing from part of couples to come upon break ups. It is a really difficult decision but when it consists of love, it is hard to part. Each day seems hard until you succeed to forget him or her. Still social networks, like Face book, MySpace and Orkut could make things […]

July 15 2010

Wymoo International : Dating Background Checks against Scams

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Wymoo International

Wymoo International is a fully established American company spreading its services over 100 countries worldwide. It specializes itself into background checks and also private investigations confirming the information on created profiles upon request. Wymoo is hereby taking in account possible partnerships with online dating firms and websites. Hence its investigations are taking a tendency for […]

July 13 2010

Great Male Survey 2010

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Great Male Survey

The Great Male Survey 2010 is actually a survey carried out by team. The idea behind this poll is to have a clear view about of what it takes to be a man, the true meaning of a modern man. The GMS is carried out each year and the Great Male Survey 2010 has […]

July 9 2010

Unexpected boost in traffic at online dating sites

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England is now eliminated from the World Cup but the passion in the world of football still burns in the hearts of the women and they keep on watching football. It has been a definite knock out for England and it has been some stone hearted hours written for the team. In correlation to online […]

July 6 2010

Online Dating Popularity Boost

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As technology is coming at the hands of more and more users, there are more people who are getting connected to the web. This will still not be the reason for online dating services to become famous. These online dating sites that you might know are constantly growing and their popularity too. The latest survey […]

March 8 2010

Online Dating University of Kansas Researches

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According to Lawrence Kan, the online dating services let online daters with a similar mindset like in face to face dating. The main step in reality dating is making the other person like you. It is similar for online dating as well as face to face dating. The basic thing that they get doing is […]

March 4 2010

Social Networks, Mail Online, Paris Hilton and Herpes Dating

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Here is a review of the dating world this week: -Poll: Social networks are online ‘pick-up joints’. Read more. -Mail Online Launching Dating Service (Dailymail) bets on the atom m-payments platform, read –Datopia Goes Social, Launches Revamped Dating Website with Social Networking -Dating for Geeks: Geeks 2 Geeks -Herpes Dating, it exists! See Positive […]

March 1 2009

Free Dating, Meetic, True Video Chat, Cheat and Fake Profiles

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Here is Dating Industry Research for this week: –Multitaskers say one online dating site won’t do:¬†When it comes to love, Kathleen Hanover is searching for a needle in a haystack. So to find Mr. Right, she has profiles on at least five online dating sites. Read more on MSNBC –Why Pay When Dating’s Free Sites […]

February 8 2009

www. cheapdate. com

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Memberships are soaring at dating websites as more singletons opt to screen out duds online before spending cash on a face-to-face date. See article from Globe and Mail And NO, www. cheapdate .com does not exist! (no live domain, no website)

February 1 2009

Dating Business Intelligence on February 1, 2009

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Here some strategic watch and business intelligence for dating industry on Feb 1 2009: –Online revenue no match for print costs: NEWSPAPERS are facing a future where smaller newsrooms will need to turn out smarter reporting in a variety of media, while the printed product is sold at a higher price to fewer advertisers and […]

February 1 2009

Spy Online, Over 40, Cheap Date and Recession Dating

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Dating Intelligence Watch on January 25, 2009: -70% of Brits spy on their partner online. Read more. -Online dating over 40. Read one woman’s honest account of getting back into the dating game. By Olivia Rosen -A cheap date on Long Island for $30 or less. Read more Ramps Up Campaign To Boost UK […]

January 25 2009
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