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True Beginnings LLC Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection

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True Beginnings, LLC, which does business as the online dating service, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Texas Federal Court. The owner of, Dallas entrepreneur Herbert Vest, has filed for Chapter 11 protection as well. This is particularly significant news for affiliate networks, as was a major advertiser with affiliates. […]

August 20 2012

Couple Profile on Zoosk : Romantic Getaway with grand prize of $10,000

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Zoosk contest

Zoosk is holding a contest on facebook and the lucky couple is going to receive a romantic dream vacation and $10,000 in cash so try not to miss this opportunity. If you or someone you know is in a relationship and want to enter this contest, time is running out. This contest ends August 5th […]

July 31 2012

News-Dating Giant Cupid Continues Geographic Expansion Efforts

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Cupid has become a premier brand offering Internet dating services. With revenues around €6.5m last year through sites like and, the company recently began its geographic expansion efforts. The company recently acquired another AGL (Assistance Genie Logiciel) for €3.7m, gaining access to a promising market in France. The company was founded in 1986. […]

July 28 2012

Ghost Dating Gains Popularity Among Online Dating Sites

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Ghost dating is an emerging trend on dating websites. The concept is similar to ghost writing. If a person feels unable to portray their true personality online, they can hire someone to help establish a good relationship before meeting in person. However, this service comes at a price. Many matchmakers are charging thousands of dollars […]

July 6 2012

Online Dating Revolution

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A new study conducted by the Department of Sociology at Stanford University reveals the Internet leading the way in match-making. Three groups of people who statistically have a smaller selection of single people to choose from have found a way to meet their match and form a relationship through the use of online social networking […]

July 3 2012

Skout app under scrutiny after reported rapes

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The Skout platform and mobile application is now off limits to everyone under the age of 18. The sudden ban on teen access to Skout follows several allegations of rape by teenage children. The Skout app connects mobile users with other people nearby by tracking their location through GPS. The program was originally intended for […]

June 20 2012

eHarmony’s Security Breach

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eHarmony, a popular online dating site, confirmed rumors of a security breach on June 6, 2012. The security breach caused a small number of eHarmony’s users’ passwords to be compromised. This security breach quickly followed LinkedIn’s recent security breach. The dating site uses hashes, which are cryptographic representations of passwords to keep the data secure. […]

June 20 2012

Microsoft Bing at iDate 2012 Dating Industry Conference

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iDate 2012 Miami

Bing will be featured this year at the iDate dating industry conference in Miami. Jason Dailey, Bing’s Director and Duane Forrester, Bing’s Senior Product Manager, are teaming up in an effort to bring more awareness about Bing and Yahoo’s resources to the dating industry. They plan to discuss how online and mobile dating websites can […]

January 25 2012

Chatroulette : Capitalizing on Referral Traffic

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With any dating site, you always end up with a few people who decide that they want to share too much – explicit details, nude photos and the like. Chatroulette, an online dating site with chatting features takes advantage of the situation – instead of blocking the traffic; they refer it to other sites and […]

January 21 2012

Online Dating Reveals: What’s in a Name ?

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Best Worst Names online dating

In a new study, it has been revealed that online dating profiles are less likely to be reviewed if the profile has an unattractive name. Such names include those like Kevin, Justin, Marvin, Dennis, Mandy, Celina, Chantal and Jacqueline. According to the study, these names are associated with troublemaking activities and as a result, get […]

January 18 2012

Online Dating for Latter Day Saints (LDS) and Religious Members is becoming more popular

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LDS Singles

Online dating sites that cater to members of religious affiliations have been significantly increasing in activity. Many members of Christian Churches and Latter Day Saints (LDS) church have moved online in an effort to secure partners. Online dating sites such as cater to religious members who simply want to meet people without the strain […]

January 16 2012

Twoo : Finally – A Real-World Approach to Online Dating

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If you believe that all online dating sites are the same – think again. has taken a different approach to online dating – a real-world approach. Rather than try to match members up with results from compatibility tests and personality assessments, Twoo allows members to search for local members that they may be interested […]

January 13 2012

Online Dating Summit : a new dating conference

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Online Dating Summit

It’s almost time to gather for the First annual Online Dating Summit (*) to be held at the Miramar Hotel, in Barcelona, from March 2nd through the 5th. This will the place to be for meeting up and networking with important contacts within online dating industry, and will be a who’s who of what’s important in […]

January 7 2012

Online Dating communications up 50% for New Year

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According to online dating site, increase in message volume was up 30% in the week before New Year’s eve and increased by 52% from last year for the new year. “Every year there was an increase in activity around this time, but the past week was the biggest rise the site had seen in its 10 […]

January 2 2012

Plenty of Huge Numbers on Plenty of Fish

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POF statistics

If you are wondering how big Plenty of Fish is, just have a look at these numbers : in nov 2011, POF had : -6 billion page views -32 billions of images served -it has 11 webservers ; cost : $70 000 per month via

December 30 2011

When Latina women find love on muslim dating sites

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With a sense of family similar to arabs, more and more latin girls are giving a try to muslim dating sites and some of them marry and convert to Islam. “She is just one of several Latina women who have converted to Islam and married Egyptian men. They’re professional, smart women in their thirties and […]

December 30 2011

Online dating sites will receive big traffic for New Year

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sexy new year

Like every year online dating sites will receive big traffic for New Year’s eve. Many singles will try to find the love of their life on Internet. For the beginning of the year, traffic will increase of about 15-20 per cent on those sites. “Whitney Casey,’s relationship expert told the New York Daily News: […]

December 29 2011 Takes Top Spot as Most Popular Dating Site

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Data released by Experian Hitwise and ComScore report that was the most visited dating site in the period between January and June 2011. Traffic to the site was consistently higher for the first half of the year. Both internet data agencies found an average of 54 million visits monthly from the US alone, and […]

September 10 2011

Find your Facemate : technology + matchmaking

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Find your facemate

There is a new dating website and agency called that helps to find a person’s soul mate using new facial recognition technology. This facial recognition software aims to match up its members based on their facial features and appearance. The website was started by Christina Bloom in March of 2011. The service’s whole premise […]

September 2 2011

Online Dating Sites Begin Screening For Sex Offenders

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Although a lawsuit against by a woman sexually assaulted by her date was settled out of court, it will likely have repercussions throughout the online dating industry. The 54 year old victim was assaulted on her second date with 67 year old Alan Paul Wurtzel. Similar to millions of other users of online dating […]

August 28 2011
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