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Best Gifts Received from a Boyfriend


Friends often ask for advice when it’s that time of the year. You know, Christmas or birthday time. My men friends need ideas for their girlfriends and vice versa. So I started a list and asked. What is the best gift you ever received from a boyfriend?

I thought I would get all these wonderful answers and primarily expected to hear about cute little diamond rings or diamond tennis bracelets. Those were the least bountiful stories in my collection. Not even enough of them to mention diamonds. It seems men just don’t give diamonds often during the dating phase.

The more stories I heard made me less hopeful about compiling an all-time extravaganza gift list for my friends. After I heard about the George Forman Grill gift and the matching sweatshirts a boyfriend had made with a larger than life picture of the couple on the front, I knew it was my duty to come up with an appropriate list to stop this madness.

The best gifts were:

1. A jar full of 365 notes to tell his girlfriend every day of the year why he loved her. Ahh, isn’t that too much? The boyfriend admitted it took him a while to write them.

2 A book of email correspondence from and to each other during the first year the couple dated. “I still have it,” said the girlfriend.

3. Someone’s boyfriend had gone to Hawaii with his family and brought back a bamboo journal with a frog hand painted on the front. He got it for his girlfriend because she liked frogs and she liked to write.

4. A girl said her boyfriend took her dog sledding in Maine. “I almost died but I had an awesome time!”

5. “A boyfriend once took me on a Christmas day sleigh ride in Vermont. There were jingling bells and the driver was wearing 1800’s garb. We used wool blankets to keep warm. It was so romantic and the best gift I ever received.” said the girlfriend.

This is a start on my gift list. There are some things they have in common. The best gifts were not always expensive. The best gifts were creative and didn’t come wrapped, like the romantic sleigh ride. The jar full of 365 love notes was creative and not wrapped. Some gifts were “experience” gifts like dog sledding in Maine. Some were intimate, thoughtful, hand made or based on the girlfriend’s passion like the journal a young man brought home to his girlfriend after the family vacation.

Mull these ideas over in your mind. What is her passion? How can I best express her passion in a gift? What message do I want to send with the gift? Romantic, friendly, adventurous, practical, down right laughable fun? How about sending your message through poetry or music?

Lingering Last Drops by Walt Whitman

And whence and why come you?

We know not whence (was the answer)

We only know that we drift here with the rest,

That we linger’d and lagg’d — but were wafted at last,

and are now here, to make the passing showers concluding drops

To get some ideas visit the following website for gifts of poetry.

Go with your heart and you’re gift will be a winner . Happy gifting.

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