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Beautiful People Dating : another controversial website


Beautiful People brings another controversy in dating world.

This website is a dating and social network for onlyBeautiful People.

How does it work ? When you sign-up, you provide a beautiful picture of yourself and existing members can rate your face (and profile they said) during 72 hours. After this, you are accepted… or not.

Beautiful People is present in UK, Canada, USA, and 7 others countries.

The company has also their own television series on┬áCanada’s Slice Network.

And you would you dare to put your picture on this site ?

4 comments pour " Beautiful People Dating : another controversial website "

rick said,  

Who’s the decider her. Is there a panel? Isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder.

jenn tilley said,  

This email is for the attention of the owners and hosts of the t.v show pertaining to “beautiful people”

Have the two of you taken a good long look in a mirror recently. As advocates for beauty, both of you leave something to be desired. I think a general consensus for beauty would be possesing nice features, for example, a nose that is not too large for ones face!, full lips,
bright eyes, shiny healthy looking hair and in a
male, height. Before pointing fingers at others,
make an honest assesment of yourselves and then see if your beauty standards become more broad-minded.

I watched your t.v. show where both of you visited Toronto. Shame on you, your both way too big for your small boots. I would assume they are small because neither of you look over 5’8. Silly boys!!

Jenn Tilley

Vesna said,  

What the hell this site Kicks ass… I am a Member of this site.. and let me tell you.. just because you cannot get in dosen;t mean you have to Cry about it!

Tommy said,  

If anyone have a problem meeting beautiful-looking people outside of a website, they’re in trouble! And as jenn says, these two fall short of the mark themselves.

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