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Be2 is an online dating website which provides wide range of services for singles to meet the most awaited love or dates. The motto that it uses: “Be2 leads you to the love of your life.” It assures that singles get out their lonely lives and obtain the best matches around.

The matching concept of Be2 lies upon years of research and accounts each of the assessments into a scientific approach. The results that are displayed to you are hence the most accurate ones. This particular outcome grounds itself on the personality assessment for suitable matches.

Be2 online dating service is out of the common and brings you to the real love or soul mate. The various testimonials at the Member Feedback reveal more than a happy couple who found their soulmate via Be2 online dating services.

It allows singles to meet and communicate with its outstanding features. Its interface is simple and easy to use. Its most helpful features include Test and Matching, Profile with the possibility to upload pictures and videos, communication tools and an accessible technical and support team at your service.

Many of these features provided are of course free and you will easily be able to take some personality tests, etc… You do have the possibility for a free trial which allows you to view part of its members and even communicate with them through messages.

Its services are provided internationally and its rated service has large number of registered members widening the opportunity for obtaining a date. You will never get disappointed while seeking love. There is also premium membership at $5. It is absolutely impressive than 40% of the members succeed into getting into long term relationship.

It offers a professional dating service to its over 20 millions of registered members and its security settings assures you can get along with your searches without any worry.

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6 comments pour " Be 2 english : / "

Not Provided said, and all of the other domains they are running is an absolute scam. Cancellation of your membership is impossible and they drain your account by charging you continuously.

LukeWarm said,  

People, please stay away from

Google them before you sign up to the £5 one month trial and you will know to run a mile. Once they get your credit card details they will take your money and hide behind dubious T&Cs. I had to cancel my credit card before they could get the money. I then reported them to the Office of Fair Trading. I now get silly emails threatening to send debt collectors. These vultures won’t get a penny off me.

watch me said,  

i paid £5 for 1 month then they took £150 dispite tryoing to cancel my membership on there website which by the way deletes any comms between you and them and lo and behold you havnt cancelled.COMPLETE RIP OFF STAY AWAY

rolfe said,  

I have formed a be2 victims help group. Has anyone ever been taken to court by be2 using Intrum Justitia? If so what was the outcome?

John said,  

I would like to join your help group. I found myself unable to cancel membership on the site, and they attempted to take 6 month subscription from my account, but were prevented. They have passed it on to a company called intrum justitia based in ireland, they are sending me emails that requiring that I pay them. I have not been using this website, as it seemed like a scam- with cartoon pictures of people, and only generic messages being sent. I have googled this website, and it seems loads of people around the world think they are a scam too. How should I respond, any advice welcome!

David said said,  

I joined B2 had a 6 months membership which was a complete waste of time. I tried to cancel this on many occasions now I have received a letter from Intrum Justitia demanding money. Not sure what to do any help would be appreciated .We have to stop this scam.

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