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Baggage Game with Jerry Springer



The Game Show Network, the American cable television, has an exceptional product in its basket. Launched back in 1994, it brings to you the dating game show, Baggage, which is attracting many people’s attention.

The game is extremely interesting and fun. It is none other than the famous Jerry Springer who will guide you through the entertainment. Baggage offers the chance to three participants to win a date. The game is divided in three rounds, the introductions, dealbreaker and the Final Choice.

The participants come on stage with three baggages, one small, one medium and a large one. The size of the baggages is so because they carry varieties of secrets, the small one for small secrets and large one for large secrets. First of all, the rivals are introduced. The central character will have to make the choice between the contestants. After the introductions, each of the contestants will reveal one of their secrets.

The second round will contain the elimination among the rivals by the main character. The baggages are now opened by the host and the main character will unknowingly have to pick one of them. The one who claims that it was his baggage is thus eliminated from the game.

The Final Choice Round will be quite hard. The last standing contestants will have to reveal more secrets and the main character’s duty will be to eliminate the one whom he or she feels has too much secrets in its baggage. Sorry for the losers!

It is not over though, the roles are inversed now. The main character’s Red Baggage is opened and it is time to reveal his or her secrets to the chosen one. If the contestant does not accept the secret of the main character, the date is off.

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