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Ask these questions to find out if you want a friend or soul mate


Do you require an exclusive relationship?

If you do, then you may be happier in a romantic dating relationship.

Do you want to see and talk to that person daily?

Sounds like you want a romantic dating relationship.

Can you handle giving the person freedom to have other friends with whom they like to spend time? If you can, without being jealous or demanding then maybe a romantic friendship can work for you.

What expectations do you have for romantic friendships?

Come on, there must be something you want romantically. Is it intimacy or just plain old sparking in the front seat every weekend? How about once a month? Remember, the more time you spend together the more it quacks like a duck and suddenly, you have a relationship (maybe a duck).

Here in lies the complications of a romantic friendship. It can go either way at anytime. What if you find the person you think is “the one” or the opposite happens? He finds “the one” but you don’t. This will leave somebody or both in an awkward position. It’s hard to give up a friend, especially a romantic one who has now committed to an exclusive relationship.

Such is the life of dating. There are some who would not like to be required to define the romantic friendship. It’s preferable to stay silent and let the other person assume what they may! Many will continue to be silent about it until a better or equally as interesting one comes along. Romantic friendship means “no strings” attached and both people agree to keep it that way. The possibilities for romance to change or even be shared by someone else are always going to be out there.

The hope is to find a relationship that works for you. The idea is to be honest about it so everyone involved can know what to expect or not expect. Especially you, take time to know what you want and don’t give up short of your goal for a relationship. The long term romantic friendship may never turn the way you want it to go. It’s a preference, be true to your feelings and know if you need strings attached. Happy dating!

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