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Ashley Madison Launches in Australia in Response to Growing Demand


There are many different niches for online dating, so it should come as no surprise that caters to married people. The premise is simple – the dating site is designed to help married people carry out extra marital affairs. While the website is designed for both men and women, owner Noel Biderman said that 40% of the existing 500,000 members are women. He attributes this growth to the fact that men have legal brothels that they can visit where women do not have that outlet. he says is proving to be the woman’s way of having her extra marital fun.

Due to the high demand for his service, Noel Biderman is establishing the headquarters for the website in Sydney, Australia this year. He says that it will create 250 local jobs in the area. As to the question is he concerned about backlash from the community? Not at all – he knows that there is an acceptance for this type of activity in Sydney.

Ashley Madison

For those interested in the site, signing up for Ashley Madison takes but a moment. You will simply define who you are what you are looking for in a mate and off you go. Registration is free, and there are no geographical restrictions. You will be able to find members worldwide, depending upon your preferences.

Upon registering members will be able to view a plethora of profiles that match what they are looking for in a mate. Preferences can be changed at any time, taking away or adding attributes depending on how you want to refine your search results. You can also see the status of the member’s current relationships, if that is a concern.

While the dating service may be controversial in some areas, there is no doubt that the efforts put into Ashley Madison are proving to be worthwhile.

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