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Asexualitic : Dating Site for Asexual People


As society comes to better accept and understand people with different sexual orientations, the asexual population is truly finding their place in the world. Asexuals are people who have no interest in sexual intercourse or other sexual acts. Sometimes, this lack of sexual involvement is due to religious reasons. However, in other cases, the person is just genuinely not interested in sex. Some individuals will remain asexual for their entire lives, and others will just experience brief periods of time where they have no desire to participate in sexual activities. In any case, asexual individuals may not desire sex, but they still can desire a romantic relationship full of trust, love and loyalty. Finding a partner who is fine with having no sex can be a difficult task. Fortunately, Asexualitic is here to help.


On regular dating sites, it can be very hard to find a mate as most people are interested in some sort of physical attention. Asexualitic provides subscriptions for people who want the romance without any of the other actions often associated with such a relationship. This site acts in a similar way to other dating sites where people put in information about themselves and find others who share similar interests and hobbies. Asexualitic also allows members to put up photos of themselves. The website has a quick search feature as well so that potentially interested individuals can get a sneak peek of what the website has to offer before they fully commit. Members of the site will see possible matches appear on their profiles, and they will be able to send messages to these individuals to chat. They can then decide if they would like to meet and bring their relationship to the next level.

People who are thinking about joining Asexualitic might be a bit confused about the types of relationships they can find on this site. In a certain sense of the word, the people who find each other are friends. However, the relationship is much deeper than that. They love each other at a romantic level, they go out on dates and they can even marry one another. They may interact with each other in other physical ways such as holding hands or embracing each other frequently. Additionally, asexual individuals are usually just dating one person at a time, making the situation similar to the traditional model of a relationship in many ways.

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